What is the Freedom Mandate?

People set free by Jesus have a mandate to bring freedom to others.

Caring for orphans and widows in their distress and helping the hurting are not just callings, they are commands for all believers. For those exploited in sex trafficking, their greatest chance is for those freed and anointed by God to rise up.

It’s time for a movement of the free. It’s time to take up your Freedom Mandate!

Sign your church’s Freedom Mandate HERE.
Sign your individual Freedom Mandate HERE.

Who is behind The Freedom Mandate?

The Freedom Mandate began in the summer of 2015 as a project of Agape International Missions to challenge the Church to be a Church of change, to be the body that they were created and called to be.

We are seeking 1,000 churches to awaken to their Freedom Mandate.

Freedom Mandate is a resource for churches and individuals to use in their own fights against sex trafficking and the exploitation in the world today.

Can we get a copy of the promo video and other materials?

Everything created for the Freedom Mandate is intended for use by churches and individuals in their own communities. You can download resources HERE. If you plan to edit any of the resources, please leave the Freedom Mandate logo in your materials.

How can I join the Freedom Mandate?

Whether you’re a church or an individual, you can sign your Freedom Mandate HERE. Then, check out the Resources HERE to make the most of your Freedom Mandate.

How can I donate to the Freedom Mandate?

Whether you’ve signed your Freedom Mandate or not, you can still give to the work being done. Just follow this link HERE and fill in the information as prompted.

Where does the money go?

AIM’s annual budget is $4.4 million. By committing to $3,000 a year for 3 years, you’re enabling AIM to keep all 12 of our programs running. See what those programs are HERE. That frees up additional funds to provide more preventions, rescue more girls and women, restore more girls and women, and reintegrate more girls and women. This allows us to expand our ministry while sustaining it all at the same time.

Why do you ask for a 3-year commitment?

The work that AIM does can’t be completed in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Our goal is to eradicate sex trafficking in Cambodia and that’s a lofty goal. That’s a goal that takes time, resources and a true commitment. We’re simply asking you to partner with us over the course of 3 years. We, of course, hope you’ll decide to remain a part of the fight beyond that, but a 3-year commitment will help us reach and maintain a point of sustainability.

How can I engage my church?

If you’re a pastor, we’ve provided a lot of great resources to help you plan a prayer night, weekend service or other event focused on discipling your church in accepting their Freedom Mandate. Get those resources HERE.

If you’re an individual looking to invite your pastor or church to sign their Freedom Mandate, we’ve also provided you with some resources to make the conversation a bit easier. Get those resources HERE.

How can I engage my friends and family?

The easiest way to engage your friends and family is to share your own Freedom Mandate and the steps you’re taking. Personal testimony is a powerful tool! We’ve also provided you with a few resources to help start the conversation. Check those out HERE.

Can someone speak at my church or organization?

Yes! We’d love to review your invitation and see about scheduling a visit to your church or organization. Just send us an email HERE.